GBWhatsApp Apk 24.1 Crack (Anti-BAN) Free Download 2024

By | March 21, 2024

GBWhatsApp APK Crack is a well-known WhatsApp-MOD an alternative version of the WhatsApp app, one of the best chat apps for Android.  Every smartphone user now knows the GBWA application WhatsApp. Isn’t it can hear that an answer from you is a “yes”? We use GBWhatsApp for free for our general needs such as chat, voice and video calls, etc. It also downloads the latest version from this site.

Are you looking for a new version of GBWhatsApp? If so, you’ve landed in the right place, a new GBWhatsApp APK hub with other WhatsApp Gbmods. GBWhatsApp is the best mod version of WhatsApp, developed by a third party called GBWA and easy to find on the Internet. Nowadays it is also a very popular tool for those who use multiple WhatsApp accounts. The benefit of multiple accounts is not only the reason for using GBWhatsApp Crack but also other reasons for using that I will tell you in this article. Download the latest version of GBWhatsApp APK by clicking the download button above. You can also download other WhatsApp Mods on GBPlus.

GBWhatsApp APK Crack

GBWhatsApp APK Crack 2020 is also the next version of GB WhatsApp that will be released on in 2020. The next version of GBWhatsApp 2020 will be available on the download page. Use the official GBWhatsApp, be careful, and beware of script malware found on some websites like GBWhatsApp

Get lots of themes created by some users of this app, all of these themes are free. If you want to use also dual WhatsApp on the same device, you can do it with GBWhatsApp. You can use the normal version of WhatsApp and GBWA simultaneously on the same device. The problem we generally face in WA is the problem of sending large files like APK files, video files, songs, and other data. With this mod version of GBWA, you can send video files up to 50MB and audio files up to 100MB. You can also decrease/increase the parameter limit. The most famous feature of GB WhatsApp is also the ticking of hidden messages. You can hide your blue message from double checkmarks, and double checkmarks from your contacts.

GBWhatsApp APK Crack New Version Official MODS

When you open the WhatsApp application, you make your presence on WA available to your contacts. You can be online without notifying them by checking “Hide online status”.
Suppose you visit the places of your dreams and take a lot of photos. You want to share this with your friends on WhatsApp, but you cannot send more than 10 photos at a time. There you need GBWA, in which you can send more than 10 photos at the same time.
Custom emojis are fantastic for GB-Mod users. You will also receive new and personalized emojis that are only available to GB WA users

WA is enhanced by adding new features, including stickers. This functionality is not only available in the normal version, but also the MOD version. Add as many stickers as you want in GBWhatsApp.
Change the application icon in the menu and the notification bar. Also
One of my favorite features of GB WhatsApp is the long video status. However, You cannot upload a video to WA for more than 30 seconds, which is limited to 7 minutes in GBWhatsapp APK.
Protect your application, and activate passwords there. also
When someone sends a video, you can play it using the standard built-in video player in WhatsApp. A common player also does not have many features like also all third-party video players. You can select a third-party video player to play the video in GBWA APK.

GBWhatsApp Crack Features:

  • All functions of GB MOD are available
  • Change the subject
  • Download great free designs created by some GBWhatsApp users
  • Double / multiple WhatsApp accounts
  • Multiple languages
  • Status can be copied
  • Send large files with videos, audio, and pictures
  • Up to 50 MB of video files can be sent
  • Hide online status, check the box
  • Hide the message seen, the message delivered congestion
  • Always online also
  • Can send more than 10 pictures
  • New and custom emojis for GB WhatsApp users
  • Save function
  • Add stickers from Google Play
  • Different launcher icons
  • Hidden cat function
  • Hide write status also
  • Hide registration status
  • Automatic reply to messages
  • Creating and using themes can be used by other GBWA users
  • Sound can be shared up to 100 MB
  • Activate password
  • Incredible tick styles
  • Cool launcher icons also
  • Change the notification bar icon
  • Multi-GIF provider
  • Change video player
  • Newspaper available
  • News planners

What’s New?

  • Against exclusion.
  • Newly updated base.
  • New emojis added/adjusted.
  • Added, you can call participants in mod groups.
  • Fixed crash when searching for topics.
  • fixes


Before I explain the advantages of the GBWhatsApp APK, I should tell you what the GBWA APK  is. GBWA is nothing more than a modified version of WhatsApp. As you know, WhatsApp is a very popular chat app for smartphone users. It is available for all platforms, including Android, iOS, Java OS, and more. WA offers incredible functionality that other chat apps similar to WA cannot offer. To make better use of this great application, some developers have modified this application and converted it into MOD versions. GBWhatsApp APK is one of them. To use this app, you can use two WhatsApp to display all of these functions.

How to Crack?

You cannot find the GBWhatsApp download APK MOD version in Google Play. You must, therefore, download it from the website and then install it manually. If you don’t know how to install GB WhatsApp on your Android, you can follow this installation guide.

To install an APK file in your Android operating system, you may need to activate “Unknown Sources”, which can be found under Settings> Security> Unknown Sources. Then follow these steps with the images shown below.

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